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The Artist

Tony Angello

     As a young boy, Tony Angello began experimenting with detail oriented drawings and illustrations.

    "I used to get large pieces of paper from my 5th grade teacher. It was one big roll of paper and she would cut off a 3 foot by 3 foot sheet for me and I would spend countless hours drawing brain mazes and the like and fill the whole page."

     By the time he was in middle school, Tony discovered mixed media as an art form.

     "My older sister had these glamour magazines and when she was done with them, I would cut out the eyes and lips from the photos and create a whole new person. Even though I can draw eyes and lips very well, this new method really brought a new idea to life. With some pieces I paint certain objects backwards on transparency paper to add a new look. Add my brain maze type hair along with some mixed media objects and I was hooked."

     He created many pieces featuring friends and family members and added photos of things that were dear to that person. In the 1980s Tony began to focus on creating just beautiful women with a theme surrounding them. But then trauma from hand surgeries sidelined Tony from 1990 to 2013 from the art world.

     "I had a shaky hand condition called, 'trembelousa' caused by nerve damage during carpal tunnel surgeries in 1990. On both hands! I thought my artistic life was over until I gave drawing a try again in 2013 when I felt the condition had subsided. It was then that I discovered that I now had a style I liked even more than in my earlier works, as well as the fact that I had more control and creativity than ever before."

     Today Tony is a member of both the Parker Artist Guild and the Aurora Artist Guild in Colorado. His beauty in his style and attention to detail have been mesmerizing and even therapeutic to those who see his work in person.

     "It might take me two months to complete a piece, but the beauty and satisfaction I get from them when they done makes it worth the wait."

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