Unique pen and ink illustrations by Colorado artist 

Tony Angello

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Three In Primary (Yellow)
Plane Jane
Just You Try It
Bursting With Flavor
Three In Primary (Blue)
Last Summers Snowstorm
Plotting As One
Fakwad P LaVoddles Revenge
Three In Primary (Red)
Jane Plain
All That Glitters
Out On The Tiles
Queen For A Day
Three In Primary (Set)
Big Mac Attack
Kim Has a Potty Mouth
Sea Of Dreams

Latest News & Events:

Exhibiting at: 


Deep Space Gallery~Worlds Collided:

A multi-media exrtavaganza. January 15 - March 26th 2017




       Information for upcoming shows will be posted in the months ahead.



Aurora Artists Guild
Parker Artists Guild











"We can hardly contain ourselves!"

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